Alert and Reminder to Online Security
  1. Never disclose your personal security data (such as account number or personal password) to anyone, even if someone claims to be an employee of the company or a police officer.
2. Avoid sharing your mobile handsets and tablets/desktop computer with others and use your own handset or tablet/desktop computer to log on.
3. Do not leave your handset or tablet/desktop computer unattended after logon to Internet/Mobile trading platforms. Always log off properly when you are finished using it.
4. Set up auto-lock and enable passcode lock to prevent unauthorized access to your handsets.
5. Always download our application from official application store only to avoid going to fraudulent websites.
6. Do not store your Internet/Mobile trading username and password on your mobile handsets and tablets/desktop computer.
7. Avoid using a public computer to log in to Wintone Securities Online Trading Platform.
8. Install and update the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware software regularly on your mobile handsets and tablets/desktop computer, whenever they are available.
9. If you lose your mobile phone or tablet/desktop computer, you should review your account transaction history through online trading platforms. If there are any suspicious transactions, please contact our Customer Service Department and report to us immediately. You should also report stolen timely.
10. When using Wi-Fi connection, please use trusted Wi-Fi networks or service providers and enable security protection such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), if possible.
11. Use default browsers originally provided by mobile handsets and tablet/desktop computer rather than newly installed browsers downloaded from other sources.
12. Do not install or launch Authentication System App in mobile phone or tablet/desktop computer with any pirated, hacked, fake or unauthorized application or where the software lockdown has been overridden (such as a “jailbroken” or “rooted” mobile phone or device) which may have security loopholes to log on to online trading platforms.
13. Actively monitor the activities of your account. Check your daily and monthly statement soon after receiving it. If you find any unusual transactions, please notify the Company immediately. You can always check the transaction records of your account through Wintone Securities Online Trading Platform.
14. Do not install applications on your mobile phone or tablets from mistrusted sources. Understand the permissions of mobile application before installation to reduce risk from Trojans.
15. Install updates and patches to your mobile phone and tablet/desktop computer timely, covering upgrade/update of Operation System and other mobile applications. Enable data encryption in mobile phone or tablet/desktop computer if feasible.
16. For security reasons, change your password regularly to increase difficulty in case of password theft. Use a combination of capital letters, small letters, numbers and special symbols as your password.
17. Please visit the following websites for more information about internet securities:
• The Chin Family﹙http://www.thechinfamily.hk﹚
• The Hong Kong Association of Banks﹙http://www.hkab.org.hk﹚